Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch

Head of Secondary School

International School of Western Australia | Australia

Christopher Burch

Please describe your teaching experience during lockdowns and covid crises

With a little lead in time, we were able to design a timetable of live sessions which complemented the content driven tasks. We had a few hiccups with Zoom sessions, learning the ins and outs of what Zoom could provide. The experience of using online learning will never be the same as live face to face teaching. You don’t get the same interaction with students. 

Will the education system post covid be same?  

We are moving towards using Microsoft teams to have a hybrid flipped learning pedagogy. So, no, our education system at our school will look slightly different. It will benefit in allowing us to go deeper into learning. 

How much is a “right exposure” of technology to students? OR How essential is amalgamation of technology in teaching?

It’s a balancing act and will be dependent upon the learner but also the staff member. Having access to the internet to allow the extension of learning and application of skills is essential. 

How is this conference benefitting the education community?

Sharing best practices and ideas will always benefit the educational community. 

What (3) important things we keep in mind while indulging in the new style of teaching.

  • Take it slow, use baby steps and set small horizons as goals.
  • Dedicate time to training.
  • Stay positive and optimistic.

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